Although bridal gowns are only dresses, you will feel as if that it has the ability to brighten up the ceremony or a reception venue.  Until you will see a stain on the wedding gown, which is a total turn off not only for the bride but also for the guests.  This will cause the bride to be prepared for any possible stain that her gown and fix it immediately.

However, the bride must know first the possible things that may stain a bridal gown so she can watch out for them and be extra careful in getting things in contact with the gown.

Bridal Gown

Makeup.  Makeup is something that will make you look very beautiful but it can also be a very problematic mess on your gown.  This is somehow inevitable because you will receive several greeting kisses from different guests.

Water.  Water drives invisibly on regular fabric but there are some bridal gown fabrics that will make water mark a stain instead of letting it dry regularly.  For the brides, they have to watch out for possible drips caused by cold water and even those small spills on your gown.  Aside from water, sweat may also do the same on your wedding gown.

Bridal Gown Fabrics

Oil and other food stain.  Accidents happen and even those small drops of oil or sauces on your gown are not an exception.  You have to be extra careful as you cut that meat or once you are about to eat that pasta.

Blood.  You may have been pricked with a pin or other sharp objects so blood may stain your gown.  Make sure to watch out for this possible cut that you will get from these small accidents.

Dirty Wedding Gowns

These are just some of the stains that can possibly ruin the gown.  The main rule however in fixing this problem is not to wipe it as it will only spread the stain.  You can blot or press it with its specific cleaners like a club soda or cover it with chalk just to hide the stain.  This will help you get through the wedding without stressing out with the look of your gown.

As long as you know these stains, you will know how to prevent them from getting to your gown.  But for inevitable stain, you just need to follow the main rule in taking care of them and you will be fine all throughout the wedding.

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