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Weddings have become a part of any woman’s dreams.  And once their time has come, they would like to be very beautiful and radiant on that day.  Because of this, brides are doing a number of things in order to have a fit body and to look very stunning for their beloved husband to be.

Therefore, if you are a bride who is on the same mission, the following are the things that you can do prior to your wedding day to look your best while walking at the monumental life towards life changes.

Beautiful & Radient Skin

First, you may want to get more in shape prior to your wedding.  This is the best day for you to motivate yourself to exercise because the fear of the wedding gown not fitting your size is always there.  Take at least several minutes a day or every other day just to keep your body burning those calories that you may have eaten the past days.  Also, you may also want to take your diet into consideration by controlling the amount of food that you eat but not to the point of starving.  Starving yourself days before the wedding will make you weak and may make you faint while walking along the aisle.

Next, get yourself pampered.  You can both get nice massage days before the wedding and also get some facial services to clean your face.  If you want, you may also get spa treatments in order to keep you relaxed from your pre-nuptial jitters.  This is a good way to pamper yourself and release you from stress, which can make you look older on your special day.

Face Massage

Next, have a trial hair and make up session.  Just like trying out your dress if it fits perfectly to your body, it is also good to have a make up session to see what colors will blend perfectly on your skin tone.  If you will notice, there are some beautiful women but do not look good on their wedding day because the make up color did not match them well.  For the hair, you have to show what type of veil you will wear.  In this way, they will have an idea on how to style your hair using the veil as the basis.  If you will not wear any veil, you may also describe the design of your gown so the stylist will have an idea on the right style that will fit your hair and the wedding gown.

By doing these things, you will definitely look very beautiful and stunning on your wedding day.  With this, you will feel that you really caught the guests’ attention and the loving eyes of your future husband.

Wedding Day


Pre-Wedding Parties

Pre-wedding parties do not necessarily have to be grand. The only thing that your pre-wedding parties should be full of is some trivial information and a lot of memories to make and share together. Remember that this event is not only to honor to soon to be wed couples but also honor the elders in the family as a way of asking for their complete blessing. By the end of the day, everyone will surely find the time to appreciate your efforts of holding up the get together and make them look forward to your upcoming big day.

From bridal parties to stag events, there are lots of ways to spend quality time with those who you treat as very important people in your life. Of course you want them to be happy with you towards the upcoming event that will happen in your life, which is nothing other than your most-awaited wedding.

However, with the change of trends and the occurrence of the need to maintain tight budgets, there are lots of other ways to hold your pre-wedding gatherings to have it more unique and memorable. One should just hold true to the main purpose that pre-wedding parties happen to meet everyone who will most especially be part of your guest list and even treat it as an opportunity to start getting to know those other people that would come from your partner’s other circle of friends and families. Hence, a simple gathering would already do. This would even be ideal if you happen to be running on a tight budget.

Pre-Wedding Parties

Here are some new ideas to hold your pre-wedding celebrations with your beloved family and friends:

  • Pamper parties are already becoming an in-thing for pre-nuptial celebrations. It is not exclusive to happen for bridal showers but also for men who wants to get away from the usual drinking parties that happen with the guys. A lot of spas nowadays offer packages for both men and women to enjoy a day of invigorating relaxation facials and massages in very affordable rates. Such would also prepare everyone to have the time to relax fully before the actual, tedious event happens.
  • The Back In The Day parties are the types which does not limit the pre-wedding parties to be same-sex parties; meaning the bridal shower is just for the girls or the bachelor’s party is just for the guys. This is a simple house party where everyone is gathered up to celebrate the upcoming event with some a simple program complete with all the old songs, old friends and new gifts to give. You would reminisce together by listening to old music you have all once enjoyed in your corresponding eras.

House Party


Bottom of Dirty Wedding Gown

Although bridal gowns are only dresses, you will feel as if that it has the ability to brighten up the ceremony or a reception venue.  Until you will see a stain on the wedding gown, which is a total turn off not only for the bride but also for the guests.  This will cause the bride to be prepared for any possible stain that her gown and fix it immediately.

However, the bride must know first the possible things that may stain a bridal gown so she can watch out for them and be extra careful in getting things in contact with the gown.

Bridal Gown

Makeup.  Makeup is something that will make you look very beautiful but it can also be a very problematic mess on your gown.  This is somehow inevitable because you will receive several greeting kisses from different guests.

Water.  Water drives invisibly on regular fabric but there are some bridal gown fabrics that will make water mark a stain instead of letting it dry regularly.  For the brides, they have to watch out for possible drips caused by cold water and even those small spills on your gown.  Aside from water, sweat may also do the same on your wedding gown.

Bridal Gown Fabrics

Oil and other food stain.  Accidents happen and even those small drops of oil or sauces on your gown are not an exception.  You have to be extra careful as you cut that meat or once you are about to eat that pasta.

Blood.  You may have been pricked with a pin or other sharp objects so blood may stain your gown.  Make sure to watch out for this possible cut that you will get from these small accidents.

Dirty Wedding Gowns

These are just some of the stains that can possibly ruin the gown.  The main rule however in fixing this problem is not to wipe it as it will only spread the stain.  You can blot or press it with its specific cleaners like a club soda or cover it with chalk just to hide the stain.  This will help you get through the wedding without stressing out with the look of your gown.

As long as you know these stains, you will know how to prevent them from getting to your gown.  But for inevitable stain, you just need to follow the main rule in taking care of them and you will be fine all throughout the wedding.

Bottom of Dirty Wedding Gown